What to do after you Lob

Where do you go after the lob?

Last week we discussed how to hit an effective lob. Now we learn what to do after you lob.

Scenario 1: Your lob is a good one, that is, you see your opponent’s back as he runs it down to hit a defensive shot.

Advance to the service line or a little closer. This way you can…1. move forward and put away a volley off of a short ball, or 2. move back and hit an overhead off of their defensive lob.

Scenario 2:  Your lob is good but they get in position to hit an overhead from the baseline or behind.

Advance all the way to the net. If you stay around the service line the overhead is, most likely going to be at your feet. By advancing to the net you are prepared to put away a volley. The fact that the overhead is coming from the baseline gives you time to react.

Scenario 3:  Your lob is not so good and your opponent prepares to hit an overhead from mid-court.

Run!!   Actually, if you have time, backpedal to the baseline and split-step as your opponent hits the ball. The split-step is important because it allows you to move right or left so you have a chance to get the ball back.

Merry Christmas! Hope you get all the tennis gear, clothing and accessories you wish for!

Tips for the Lob shot

Lob the service line not the net man

To get your lobs deeper, lob over the service line not the net player.

If your lobs are consistently landing short, focus on making the high point(apex) of the lob happen over the service line.

Most people focus on lobbing over the net man. This makes the high point of the lob happen over the middle of the service box, or roughly, where the net man is standing. With a couple of steps, the net man can move back and hit the overhead from the service line. Not a desirable out-come for you.

By lobbing with the service line as the apex, you make the net man shuffle back to almost the base line to hit the overhead, or better yet, chase the lob and hit a defensive shot back.

So remember to lob against aggressive net players, use the service line as the focus.