Put a better Forehand on your “Bucket List”

Want to make your forehand faster, more powerful, and fluid? Want to have all that and still maintain balance and control? Then sit on a bucket!

   Sit on a 5 gallon bucket or an exercise ball(advanced) inside the baseline, facing the net post..in a semi-open forehand stance. Have a partner feed balls slowly to your forehand and hit them back deep and with topspin. What will this do, besides get you some funny looks at the park?

  1.  you’ll see how important it is for your shoulders to stay level at all times
  2. you’ll see the importance of hitting through the ball and following through with a good shoulder turn
  3. you’ll see how good posture helps you maintain balance, essential for racket-head speed (an exercise ball REALLY works on your balance)

  Improve your forehand sitting down…sit on a bucket for power and control.