Simple 1-2 Tennis Strategy 

set up your opponent with a deep backhand

Here is a simple, 2 part strategy to win points in singles.

  1.  Hit the ball deep to your opponent’s backhand corner.

  2. Approach the net and put away the resulting short ball.

 So how do you start this process? It’s best to hit a cross court shot into the backhand corner. If you have a fairly strong backhand, just go for a deeper, more angled shot during a cross court rally. If your forehand is much better, try to run around a shot that is near the middle of the court and hit an inside-out forehand into their backhand corner.

As you practice this simple 1-2 attack, notice how the weakness of the return varies, depending on the depth and height of your shot. Many players have a lot of trouble hitting a high backhand, so try to put as much topspin on the ball as possible. Or, if topspin is difficult for you, hit a high, deep shot that bounces out of their strike zone.

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