Use the “puff ball”

   One overlooked “weapon” in tennis is the “puff ball”. I’m sure you’ve been a victim of this shot. It’s the shot that has no pace on it and bounces almost straight up and down. Many good players make tons of errors trying to return this shot. Why?

  •  The ball bounces up high…out of your strike zone. You either hit it down into the net or way long.
  •   The straight up and down bounce is hard to time. It’s only in your hitting zone for a split second.
  •  The ball is so slow that you have a lot of time to over think your shot. And you are easily distracted by your opponent’s movement, or the many options you envision for your shot.

  • Few people practice hitting this kind of shot.

Now that you know why you may have problems with this shot, you can use it against other players…especially players that like to hit the ball hard. They tend to make a lot of mistakes anyway.

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