Serve and “Mosey”

Serve and Mosey

Last week we talked about putting away the angle volley. This week we’ll discuss one of the ways you get to the volley position. In doubles the strategy is traditionally, to serve and volley. In other words, serve and head straight for the net to join your partner.

Sometimes that strategy doesn’t work. For example, your opponent keeps crushing your serve back at your feet as you come to the net, or lobs your return over your partner. In these instances, and if you just don’t feel comfortable serving and charging directly to the net, try the “Serve and Mosey”.

Serve and Mosey simply means serve, hit a ground stroke as an approach shot, and come to net. This lets you concentrate on your serve, step into the court to hit an aggressive ground stroke and advance closer to the net than you would serving and volley at one time.

Remember, the best doubles teams still win the points at the net. How you get there is up to you. Try the serve and mosey.