Angle your Volleys 

short, angled volleys work well on a deep opponent

   Most of us only want to hit one volley in a point if we can help it. Give your opponent a second look at you at the net, and you may not get a second volley. That’s why a short, angled volley can be effective in ending the point. The angled volley is easiest when it is hit from higher than net height. If the ball is lower than the net, you’ll have to hit a drop volley to angle it. Not an easy shot.

  The best way to set yourself up for a point-ending, angled volley is to plan your approach. A deep ground stroke, especially to the back hand corner can give you time to get close enough to the net to put away the weak return from above the net. Just watch the ball and point it toward the side line. With your opponent deep in the back hand corner, this should be a winner.

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